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Lets face it, buying a car sight unseen is a difficult decision. However, when you buy a fine Land Cruiser form VintageOffroad.com you are in good hands. With 20 years collecting vintage Land Cruisers I have always made it my mission to deliver on my promise. It is my mission to help you find the right FJ40 Land Cruiser or 4x4 that you will be happy with.

Below are a few customers that have been very happy having trusted VintageOffroad.com. Check out what our customers are saying about us!

Featured Comments:

"Greg, Just got the Crusier. She drives great! She looks Great! Really really happy. Chris"
Chris C - Sanger, CA

"Greg – Just took the truck for a spin, drives great, looks great, and having fun with the kids. Thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail – it shows! Warm regards and if you find yourself in Chicago, please look me up - Elliot "
Elliot W - Chicago, IL

"Hi Greg, Just wanted to thank you for all the trouble of building an FJ40 for my husbands b-day. It arrived and totally surpised him. It just blew Paul away. Thanks for making it happen, all our best, Courtney"
Paul & Courtney - Austin TX

"hey greg, got the truck today very happy,i took it over and put a new floor mat in it ,thanks for everything and being honest , doc"
Doc, Dooley - hobart, IN

"greg, just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you and your staff for all of your help during my purchase of the hj45....you were very knowledgeable and accessible during the sales process...i have told many people about your site and hope to do business with you again in the future....thanks for getting the truck to me in a timely manner and for the help of your staff....the truck gets noticed everywhere i go....thanks, jon"
Jon R - Charlotte, NC

"thanks greg - it looks fabulous! well done! gil"
Gil D - Knoxville Tn

"She Made it all the back to El Paso with out a hitch! Thank you for do a good job with all the add-ons. AC blew Cald all the way. Great Truck, love it. Will recomend you to anyone that asks. All the best, Martin"
Martin G - El Paso, TX

"Greg - She is an outstanding FJ40! Looks Perfect and drives like new. I am loving it in the Hamptons. will be sending more your way - Chuck"
Chuck W - Bridge Hampton, NY

"Hey Greg, Love the truck. Better than I expected. Great paint, great look. Get complements everywhere I go. Thanks, Mike"
Mike M - Maui

"Hi Greg, The FJ60 is great!! I love it!!! Thank you for all of your help! Brandi "
Eric & Brandi - Atlanta, GA

"Bob was teaching at the community college when the cruiser arrived. The delivery driver could not get his truck up our hill, so he unloaded the cruiser at the guard house at the entrance to our neighborhood. I went and paid the delivery fee and got the keys. I thought the car looked beautiful. I didn't drive it because I wanted Bob to be the first. I left the keys with the guards at the gate and asked them to tell Bob that he had a package when he came home. They gave him the keys. He tells me that he thought it was an amazing restoration. But then all his old memories of he previous cruiser flooded his mind and he got very emotional. He wouldn't drive it at first. He left it over night in the parking lot at the guard gate. I insisted that we go get it the next morning and bring it up the hill to our house so that we could put it in our garage. He wanted me to drive it up the hill but I refused and made him drive it. By the time he got to our house, a mere three miles uphill, he had a giant grin on his face and was giggling like a kid. Now he shows it off to all his friends and they all want to drive it. My search and rescue team wants us to put a wench on it so that we can use it for winter rescue missions in the mountains and for off road driving during missions. Bob doesn't think he wants it used like that because it is so beautiful. We have had one request to buy it. I referred those people to your web site. Thank you for all your help with this great birthday present. Eileen Nobles "
Eileen & Robert N - Colorado Springs, CA

"Greg, The BJ42 is both beautiful and amazing to drive. Worth the wait. Gorgeous work. Again thanks, Adam "
Adam S (Myth Busters) - San Fran, CA

"Greg, I have gotten back to Texas alright. The FJ60 ran fine and I had no problems on the freeways (right lane the whole way, especially on 80 MPH I-10). I know I am going to really like it. Your guys there did a great job on fixing all the little nick-nacks. Thank the crew for me! Bert"
Bert G - Galveston, TX

"7:30am Saturday-- Drinking my coffee in the driveway and looking at the truck -- It's perfect -- I couldn't be happier. Thanks. Jason Sent from my iPhone "
Jason K - Los Angeles, CA

"Greg -- I got the truck this afternoon and I have to tell you it is f..king beautiful! Really, I have spent the last three hours driving it -- looking under the hood -- examining every bolt and weld and custom trick this baby has and it blows me away. It has been a long process as we know... but the end result.. in no uncertain terms... it absolutely PERFECTION. I had very high expectations for this project -- I spent a f..king fortune on it and I wanted to 'feel' a certain way the first time I drove it around the block -- and I must tell you... I got that feeling. It was worth every delay -- phone call -- and crazy frustration during the last five+ months -- you guys have created a true work of art -- I am EXTREMELY proud of this truck -- you should be VERY proud -- it's stunning. Greg, please tell Jim (and the rest of the team that help with this project) that I am very grateful for his long hours and personal dedication to this project. I see his sweat and worry in every inch of this thing and I want him to know that it has found a very good home. Great work! If I was there I'd take you all out and get you drunk. All the best -- Jason P/S -- by the way, Micky with Kiwi Transport -- great guy -- he was actually PROUD of the truck when he dropped it off. We spent a half-hour looking it over and he was pointing out certain things that he admired and thought I should see. It was very cool. talk soon... Jason "
Jason K - Los angeles, CA

"Hi Greg, I wanted to expres my graditude for this nice FJ45LV wagon we just recieved. It is just what I expected. Good doing business with you. Doug - www.DougJenkinsCustomHotRods.com"
Doug Jenkins - St Louis, MO

"Unloaded today right on schedule! Greg Looks terrific! I’ll get you pics of it in front of the big, new Toyota showroom. What type of gas does it take? Thanks, again….absolutely spectacular job! "
Bill Walsh Jr., BILL WALSH TOYOTA - Ottawa IL

"Hi Greg, I just got back to Annapolis and took a very quick look at the car. She looks absolutely great! Thanks "
John R - Annapolis, MD

"Greg- Didn’t get a chance to call on Friday but have been enjoying the cruiser all weekend. She is a sheer joy to drive and am quite happy to finally have her. I want to thank you again for putting up with me over the last 6 months. I know it was probably as difficult a process for you as it was for me and for that I’m thankful for your patience. Thanks, Jason"
Jason F - Springfield, IL

"Hi Greg, I got the BJ40 Diesel, looks great and runs good! Thanks for all your help finding me a good one. Mike "
Mike R - Sparkles, CA

"Hey Greg, The crew-cab HJ47 has been turning heads everywhere...as expected. Again, thanks for making things happen for my first Cruiser. Thanks again, Josh. "
Josh W - Raleigh, NC

"HJ61 Australian Wagaon - I can't tell you how happy I am with the Land cruiser, not to mention how many looks and questions I get about it. The process of purchasing the truck was very pleasant and easy considering the distance. I can't thank you enough for driving all the way out to me to do the drop off with me not even being there. Greg you made the transaction painless and easy. The daily correspondence with you has been great, I hope I wasn't a pain. Bottom line is this: I would rather buy a car from you any day over a normal dealership, those guys just turn and burn, you give service and confidence that those dealers can't touch!! Thanks again! Al S. "
A Shuton - Pasadena, CA

"The Eagle has landed and she is already turning heads and starting conversations! Your paint guy is a keeper…looks great. Mechanics seem sound and she runs like a deer. We will send you a photo when wrapped. The only blemish is a small ding in the windshield from the shipping… we will survive. Thanks again, Phil & Cindy "
Phil & Cindy @ JungleQuest - ORANGE PARK, FL

"Greg, Very impressed...exceeding my expectations at this point. Goal is an APR 08 opening so your timing is excellent. I will reach out to the PR/Marketing team today. Thanks and have a Blessed Holiday season. Phil "
Phil - Palm Beach , FL

"Hi Greg, I am totally in love with my new truck. I even miss it when I am at work. It is running very well in the cold so far, luckily it has been in the 30's for the last few days. I just wanted to thank you for getting her in such good shape. I'm sure I will be contacting you in the future for upgrade help. You had mentioned a company that sells canvas seat covers and I was wondering if you could send me a link to them. Also, thanks for the cool mug. Take care and enjoy the holidays. Kim "
Kim T - Jackson WY

D J. Beveridge - Rye, NY

"Hi Greg - It looks terrific!!! You were right, the hill WAS worth the climb! I’ve only driven it up and down the street a couple of times and haven’t tried the AC yet, but it seems to run really well! It is the nicest FJ40 I’ve ever seen. You guys really do a terrific job. I mounted the back tire, put my license plates on and I’m ready to go. I plan on hitting the mountains in it this weekend. Is there anything I need to know about operating it? I noticed, inlike my old ’81 FJ40 that I used to have, this one doesn’t have manual locking front hubs, they must be automatic! That’s cool! I used to have to get out of my old Cruiser and lock them in. I’d be willing to bet that I have the FINEST FJ40 in all of Colorado! It was a long 9 months, but turned out like you said, very much worth the wait! Let me know if there is anything special I need to know about it before I hit the road. By the way, should I expect to have to adjust the carburator for the higher elevation of driving it in the mountains? Thanks again! Bill "
Bill P - Denver CO

"Greg, You Dog! I recieved my landcruiser 1984 bj42 yesterday. What an Aniversary gift! Dude...have you ever seen a grown man cry. well...you missed it but my wife has the video so we should put on your site. I knew your were the man. Thnx MF"
Michael F - Steamboat Springs, CO

"Thanks Greg! The truck is a big hit! Don "
Don S - Beaumont , TX

"Dear Greg ... The FJ40 arrived yesterday. I love it. Thank you very much for everything ... you stepped up and put things right and I'm very appreciative of that. I hope you benefit from it soon. One of the actors on my show saw a photograph of the FJ40 on my phone and started making noises about getting one. I recommended Vintage Offroad to him. Then the Director of Photography ... the point being you may get some business out of your dealings with me over the past few months. Again, thanks. I'll keep you apprised. Best ... Hart "

"Greg: The truck arrived yesterday after a long anticipated trip overseas and all I can say is WOW! Absolutely sharp looking, and everthing in order as promised. I've had the chance to drive her for a bit and what a joy. I will be putting her through the motions in short order. Moving the truck from port inland on a flatbed, the driver told me that he was asked three times if the truck was for sale! I hadn't even seen it yet! Thanks for everything, the logistics of moving it down here went very well. I hope to get some actions pics for you in the near future! Thanks again, PEDRO Guatemala "

"Greg, The truck arrived just in time for my wife's birthday party. We are very pleased with your custom work. It was worth the wait. Brian"
Brian R. - Martha's Vinyard, Cape Cod, MA

"Hi Greg, You may get some calls from some South Oregon folks. I've gotten nothing but compliments on my Australian Land Cruiser and have referred at least 5 people to your website. I put on a wilderness rack as well...definitely completes the look!- Thanks Kyle!"
Kyle D - Eugene OR

"Greg, The FJ55 arrived, I was at the garage to see it roll off the transport truck. Wonderful! We are so pleased. Thank you for providing us for a great deal of fun in the future. Unfortunately, Betty couldn't be there with me. She had fallen the night before and only now can get around the house using a walker. I haven't brought the FJ55 home yet. I want to wait until she can ride with me. In the meanwhile, the Cassidy garage has cleaned it up and they are going to work on the brakes (which are a little loose). As soon as Betty is up and around I will bring it home and send you a picture. Again, thanks a million. Kindest, Karl "
Karl W - Macon GA

"Greg, Thanks for letting me customized the FJ40 the way I wanted to. You located all my toys/options and installed it to my specs. IT turned out just the way I wanted it. I have had my FJ for only 3 months now and I drive it everyday to work. My friends still "want a ride" every day. I also get many inquires while on the road. And, as for my new "beach cruiser", it doesn't get any better. The top down, my surfboards strapped on the roll cage and my two son's (3 & 4 yrs old) riding with me to the beach. Not only do I get the envious looks, my boys are chatting and laughing the whole time. I would recommend 'Vintage Off Road' to anyone. I have owned/raced off-road trucks for 7 years and I can say that Greg at 'Vintage' knows what he talking about. He spends little time BS'ing and more time fine tuning what you want. Dave Oceanside, CA "
Dave P. - CHIPS POLICE OFFICER - Oceanside, CA

"Greg, Truck is exactly what you represented to be. I 've just been driving it. Runs great! No upgrades yet. I'm considering Denman 9.00-16 non directional truck tire. O.D. is 35.2". Any thoughts or ideas. Thanks for everything Peter S."
Peter S - Quage, NY

"WoW What a truck! Working with you, Greg throughout the entire process was great. From my first days of endless questions and MUCH trepidation purchasing a vehicle SIGHT UNSEEN from the internet. You were there at every turn to explain the process and help me along. And when the truck arrived I was Thrilled. We dont see many rust free FJ60s in the north east! I am getting lots of offers already but no deals yet! Even after owning the vehicle and driving it a bit I found a leak in the power steering box and Greg was there to help again! A totally stress free way of purchasing a totally great vehicle! I recommend Greg and V.O.R. highly to anyone who wants a great vehicle from a truly nice guy. Thank You V.O.R. and Greg Mushro Sincerely - J.M. Morillo"
M Morillo - Amesbury Ma

"Greg, Many thanks for the beautitul FJ. You delivered it in mint condition and running like a top. The FJ has so much character, I'm proud to take it any where. Great working with you. "
Bob H - Big Sky, MT

"Greg, Just wanted to let you know how much fun I am having with my new truck. It's a blast to drive. It's already been on "safari" and hauled several deer out of the woods. My little 8 year old daughter loves riding in it. We even used it to pull the kids from her school in a hay-ride. Thanks, T."
Tom B - Dardanelle AR

"Greg, The cruiser came in Sunday Afternnon. It was exactly as I expected. I am tickled pink with it. Let me know how much I owe you for the seat covers and I will get you a check on the way. I appreciate everything. Thanks Tom B"
Tom B. - Dardanelle, AR

"I have dealt with Greg on the purchase of one of his vehicles last year. The V.O.R. staff was easy to speak to and got back to me about my transactions in quick time. They prepped my vehicle prior to purchase and also did work that they didn't have to do. Shipping was arranged by V.O.R. and it arrived on time and was cared for correctly by the shipper. ...and all I bought was V.O.R.'s 26 year old shop truck! Think of what your service will be like if your buying a Restored Land Cruiser!?!? P.S.: The "old Gal" still runs like a top! I love it!!"
Ken S. - Milltown, NJ.

"Greg, ‘hope this note finds you, your crew, and family doing well. I finally got the Land Cruiser up to Silver Lake! Yesterday was the perfect day to go – no traffic, temp in the low 70’s, and clear skies. The FJ performed flawlessly on the sand! ‘Can’t tell you how pleased I am with the job you guys did on it. It runs beautifully. The stock 6 with headers, Weber carb, and Firecracker distributor make this thing climb like there’s a small black 8 under the hood. It’s a dream to drive on the sand! If you’re interested, I’ll send more photos. All the best! Tom "
Tom S. - Grand Rapids, MI

"Hi Greg, John here. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner as I have been traveling non-stop the past 2 weeks. Thank you for reimbursing me for the work I had done. I realize that you did not have perform a gesture like that. I realize I had bought the project truck from you as-is. You realy do stand behind your work and I really look forward to doing business with your company again. You have a rare business that actually cares about it's customers and I will always recommend you shop. Regards, Greg"
John G - Pittsburg, PA

"Greg: Just a quick note to say the Troop Carrier came yesterday. It is great! Thanks so much! I have not had time to do anything more than drive it around the block, but I love it. People walking by stop to look at it in the driveway, and the driver said that every time he stopped at a truck stop, people would come up to him wanting to know information on it. "
Joe M - Glendale, CA

" Greg, I absolutely love the truck and it is one of the best purchases I've ever made. Good luck to you and your family and of course continued best of luck with your company. Your the best. Your knowledge and love for the FJ40 is obvious and thank you for everything. Curtis"
Curtis B. - Little Rock, AR

"Hi Greg, appreciate everything you did to make the purchase of my FJ55 go smoothly. It is running and driving great! I am very happy with it. It passed the emissions test today as well. Now I’m going to get it registered to me in Arizona. I am taking it out hopefully this weekend for a trail ride in the local mountains. People are stopping and getting out of the new Toyotas to look at my new rig and are asking a lot of questions. Thanks again! Regards, Dave L "
David L. - Phoenix, AZ

"Greg' I can't believe this Toyota! It's all you said it was, perfect. It looks brand new not 27 years old. I love it! Also I want you to know what a pleasure it was doing business with you. You kept me informed all the way through, just like you said. Always returned calls, and talked about anything on the cruiser at any time. You made me feel very safe and I would do business again any time. Much Respect, Susan "
Sue R. - Rochester, VT

"Greg, I have been driving the cruiser everywhere. I pack a bag with hats and scarfs and extra coats and away we go (it's 30 something degrees and I haven't attempted to put the soft top on yet). The kids and I love it. I told my husband last night that I had a funny taste in my mouth - like maybe exhaust from driving it around for days with the top off of. My oldest son suggested getting a snorkel to use while I drive around. We about busted our guts laughing - "have you seen that crazy lady with all of those kids - driving around in a convertible in the freezing cold?? Well, I saw her today with a stocking cap and a snorkel !" We'll make Alpharetta headlines for sure... Talk to you soon, Amy"
Amy K. - Alpharetta, GA

"Hi Greg Heres the cruiser at my house in Montana. Everything is great with the vehicle,though I did put some new winter BFG T/As on it. Thanks again for a great cruiser. My wife liked it so much she wants one in Georgia now. Thanks again. Kim"
Kim W. - Atlanta GA

"GREG: Greetings from Cajun Country. The 1974 Freeborn Red FJ 40 that your company restored for my wife’s surprise Christmas present is outstanding!!!! All she could say was that it’s perfect. She was totally surprised and couldn’t believe we have been hiding this restoration for 6 months. She was totally in shock. Although at first, I had a few misgivings about buying and restoring a vehicle sight unseen, 1200 miles away. I quickly realized over our conversations that customer service is a top priority with your company. You and your staff bent over backwards to do everything that I wanted done to the vehicle. Even working long hours and right up to the time it was loaded on the trailer to get it here for Christmas. I myself being in the aircraft refurbishment business, I can testify the vehicle was done with an attention to detail that would make anyone proud. Even a hard to please former Marine like myself. I really appreciate all the hard work and effort put into this beautiful FJ 40. Merry Christmas & Thank You Brent & Candace F New Iberia, La "
Brent F. - New Iberia, La

"Hello Greg, Get compliments all over the place. Some folks say they have not seen one in 20 years. Others think it is brand new. My next adventure will be a troopie but that will be in a couple of years. I need to build my second garage for that. Well, back to the garage to wax the vehicles. Your friend, Chip"
Chip O. - Atlanta, GA

"You have the most incredible collection of Land Cruiser's!! Bernie M., Guatemala"
Bernie M. - Guatemala

"Hi Greg Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how AWESOME the truck is. I may never hook the radio up in it because I'd rather just listen to the hum of the engine all day. I look forward to continuing to make her even better and will definitely keep in touch as there is no doubt about it, if I ever need any work done on my FJ you will be the only name on my list to call. Thanks for being so helpful and honest throughout the whole process, I was definitely hesitant about buying a truck online, but it's refreshing to know there is a place out there like Vintage Offroad that you can trust and depend on. My Best, Nick G (Proud Owner of a 72 FJ-40) "
Nick G - Bradwood, PA

"The truck showed up this morning and I'm really pleased with it. It runs fine and the minor stuff thats needs to be done should be within even my limited abilities. Tell your guys thanks for the extra effort to get it out on time. Mike "
Mike V - U.P. Mich

"Kids point. Men stare. Women swoon. My FJ-40 runs and looks great, just as you promised. Buying something sight unseen is never an easy decision but I’d do it again. Dennis "
Dennis B. - Lake Placid, N.Y.

"Greg, The vehicle was everything you said and more. Kind of hate to drive it. Almost to good to drive. You can use me as a recommendation anytime. Smooth transaction and great vehicle. Best, Terry"
Terry G. - Sedona, AZ

"Greg - I just sent you an email via your company webpage, but thought I would send you one here as well. I know it has been a little over a year since we spoke and bought our green and white 1976 FJ55 from you. I apologize that I am just now getting around to writing you to express my sincere thanks for a job very well done. Over the last year, we have come to love the truck even more than we did when we purchased it. The truck has lived up to every one of our expectations and then some. We have yet to drive it that someone does not comment on how well restored it is. Of course, as soon as they say that, we refer them directly to you. We have also come to appreciate the service and knowledge you provided us. To date, we have not dealt with anyone who provided us with better customer service than you. It was a very scary thing buying a vehicle, sight unseen especially an old four wheel drive. You were with us through the entire process, even when we ran into problems with shipping, etc. You were still with us through receiving the truck, only to find that the tires we purchased did not fit correctly. You continued to provide us with answers, support, and direction despite completing the sale. We will never buy another restored vehicle from anyone other than you. You should be very proud of the business you run and the products you produce. I always said I wanted an emerald from my husband. The truck has been my emerald (hey, it is green) and SO much better than any ring I could have ever gotten. Thanks again for a wonderful buying experience. As stated before, it has been over a year and we are still smiling. Take care - Jody and Lynn"
Jody, S - Greenville, NC

"Hi Greg! Man you are going to miss talking to me. My Nordic Blue Cool Cruisers re-restoration arrived today. Man it beautiful! "
Sean M - Kearny, N.J.

"Just got my restored 1983 FJ40, the trucker dropped it at my home today. Tell the guys thanks at the shop who worked on it. What can I say..."Its a Peach!". "
S. Rogers - Fayetteville, AR

"Just wanted to drop you guys a line to say that I have been checking out your site for a few months now, I wish that all sites were as detailed as you are. I wish that I saw you before I got my 68 Bronco. Keep up the great work and it looks like you guys do a great job."
Henry - Southhanpton, N.Y.

"This man is busy for a reason, honest, knowledgeable & nice. Thanks Greg."
Sam G - New Brunswick, NJ

"Thanks Greg. The Bobber draws a crowd everywhere I go. Thanks again for a smooth transaction and a good deal. Merry Christmas, Rich"
Richard D - Ft Lauderdale, FL

"I received my FJ40 today! Runs great. Thanks!"
K Spencer - Meridian, ID

"Greg, The vehicle is a beauty. You guys did an outstanding job. I would like to replace the aftermarket stereo with an original, the truck is so classic looking I want to complete the look. I will send the aftermarket radio and speakers back to you. Do you have an original? I appreciate your working with me on the financial aspect in keeping costs down. I would be happy to provide a testimonial to the quality of your work. This is a beauty. I just saw where CCOT listed their calendar cruiser for sale starting at $48,900.00. Our vehicle may not be in that category but it's pretty nice. Thanks, Tobin "
Tobin P. - Waco, TX

"I had great conversations with all the references you provided. Check will be mailed on Monday. Please keep me posted on your progress. If required, it is ok if we need to spend more along the way to make the vehicle more pristene than you planned. Thanks for all your efforts so far. Randy, Big Kid Waiting On Christmas"
Randy L - Blowing Rock, NC

""Greg and his staff at Vintage Offroad were always available when I had the smallest of questions or concerns. To them, restoration and resale of these vintage and antique vehicles is their passion, before their business. They care about the experience and relationship the customer builds with one of their products long after it leaves their shop. No detail is too small to overlook. Thoroughly, the best vehicle purchasing experience I have ever had." Ian F. Arlington, Virginia "
Ian F. - Wash D.C./ Arlington, Virginia

"Hello Greg, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Rover, it arrived Sunday and was everything I was anticipating and then some. I was very nervous about sending funds for a vehicle that I didn't even get to see in person, but you and your company made the whole process extremely painless and comforting. It's nice to know that in this day and age there are still a few select people that are honest and stand by their word. We will be in contact soon, I am now looking for series ll/lla 88"; so if you happen upon one please give me ring. I can't thank you enough and if any of your future customers needs a referral, feel free to have them contact me anytime!. Thanks again, Carey - PA. "
Carey - Trout Run, PA

Jaun B. - Irving TX

"Greg, I have had the new cruiser for two weeks now and I am blown away with the restoration you did. I absolutely love it. People everywhere stop and ask me about it. I was nervous with the thought of buying a '78 site unseen. When it arrived, it was better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for the work you did. If I can serve as a reference for any of your potential customers, please send them my way. I will be happy to let them know how happy I am. Thanks again. Jon S. "
Jon S - Fort Worth, Texas

"Hi Greg, Its been a pleasure. Too bad I can't leave feedback since we worked the deal outside of ebay. Take care. Mark L. "
Mark L. - Knoxville TN

"Hi Greg, The Cruiser just arrived. The truck looks great. Thanks for all your help, Kevin. "
Kevin S - KY

"we have the car now, we LOVE it, and thank you so much for everything. If anyone is ever nervous about buying one of your vehicles "sight un-seen" please give them our number and we will give you a sparkling recommendation! "
Erica & Ryan - Destin, FL

"Thanks, greg! The 77 V8 Cruiser arrived late last nite, courtesy of a very nice truck driver named Eddy. Thanks Tim"
T Malone - Washington DC

"Greg you have been just great. You helped us out a very difficult situation. Thank you so much! Best Janna"
Janna J - OK

"awesome cruiser! mint and clean as a whistle. delivery came off without a hitch. it's a blast to drive. every time i've had it out someone tries to buy it! thanks for the help. s.r."
Steve R. - NYC

"Greg, Its in great shape, especially given what I want to do with it. Again, thanks for the great deal, and Ill keep you informed of how the rebuild is going. Brandon "
Brandon - S.F. - California

"Greg- Just wanted to let you know that we made it back to Ohio on Saturday just fine. The cruiser ran real well; I just wish that we weren't in such a hurry to get home as I would have preferred taking the back roads versus the highway. Thanks again for your help in getting my FJ60. It's exactly what I was looking for. You made the process of evaluating & buying it out of state very easy. I enjoyed meeting your family and learning a little about your life; thanks for bringing the 'human' element into the transaction. I appreciate your help with the title & Bill of Sale, I got everything transferred to OH this afternoon with no hassles. I've already given your name out to a few friends / co-workers who asked "where did you find such an awesome truck?". Hopefully you / they can benefit from Vintage Offroad as well. I'll send you send you some pictures of the truck parked at the 'barn' as soon as we get a few more things in order there. Best Regards, Jay"
Jay S - Granville, OH

"Greg, The Land Rover arrived and it looks good. I appreciate your helping us arange shipping. It saved me time and money. We will do another soon! Auto Sports of Dallas"
M. Shoemake - Dallas

"The Toy arrived safe and sound!! Thanks much for everything, it's a beauty! Thanks again!"
B. J. Brown - Denver

"Thanks for taking my project in on trade. I am excited about restoring this 76 convertable back to its original luster. Dave"
D.Y. - Johnson City

"Hi Greg, Thanks again. The Cruiser arrived as promised and as discribed. Now I am going to tell my buddies to jump in Lake Erie for gaving me a hard time about buying a car online. Again, I appreciate it! John "
J.W. - Cleveland

"Things went very smoothly, thanks for selling me the truck and not jacking the price because you had lots of interest. I am glad to be the owner of the nicest 55 around. Its only going to get nicer with time. Eventually (after its paid off) a bare metal up paint job will be done in original colors. Its a looker and I can't wait to park that thing next to all the BMWs and Mercedes in the doctors lot! They'll freak. "
D.R. - Chicago

"Rover arrived in great shape yesterday about noon. Thanks for your efforts, everything went great! The extra parts were there (thanks) as well as all the keys as you mentioned. Thanks for your efforts, everything went very smoothly...and I will keep you posted!"
L.J. - Seattle

"GReg, I just wanted to thank you for delivering an outstanding FJ40. It is beautiful. The nicest I have ever seen. You were right is is totally restored to stock condition. Even the seat belt buzzer works! And thanks for taking care of the extra shipping charges. I appreciate it all you efforts in making htis as smooth a transaction as possible and will recomend you anytime!"
L.S. - Massachusetts

"You guys are awesome! Thank you so much"
S.J. - New York

"I was very nervous at first about buying over the Internet with a company I've never heard of before. But even after locking in a fantastic finance rate I was still not convinced. The proof was in the service after the sale where I accidentally damaged the Cruiser getting it into my garage. You helped me out tremendously. NOW I'm convinced that you are the real deal. Again, thanks, Greg!"
D.P. - Tennessee

"You are right!! This was the easiest loan experience I've ever had!!! Thank you so much!!!"
S.C. - Florida

"Its great buying form someone as enthusiastic and as knowledgeable about Land Cruisers as you. All I can say is you have one of the best jobs in the world"
H.L. - Texas

"To be honest, when I was first told of your service I was skeptical about doing business online, because I had never done it before. However, after applying for my loan and getting the kind of response that I got from you all, I have nothing but the highest praise for you. You are truly the best company that I have ever dealt with on financing anything period! You can rest assured that I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know, and if I ever have the need to finance anything, you will be the first (and probably the only) company that I contact"
M.S. - Alabama

"You guys are amazing! Not only do you sell cool cruisers, but you actually can get them financed at really low rates. I ended up with a 5.8% on an old 1975 Toyota! That is unheard of. My bank wanted to give me an 11% rate for the age of the truck. I must say I am very happy to have found you and to have gotten the truck from you. Thanks for everything"
R.E. - District of Columbia

"The best way things are sold is word of mouth, and, to get that, you are a straight and honorable guy. Well, I picked-up my Cruiser in LA and I drove it cross country home. Aside from needing a new alternator, she drove perfect and like a champ. I am so happy with how everything worked out. I am telling all my Cruiser club buddies. Thanks Again Greg for all the help!" "
R.T. - Wyoming

"Dealing with you has been a wonderful experience. I am amazed by the high level of customer service in which you do business. You were always available by phone when I had a question. I will recommend you to all my friends, family, and business associates. Thank you for a very pleasant experience."
C.W. - South Dakota

"My new old TLC is just awesome. I have always wanted a big powerful off-roader and now I finally have it. Thanks Greg for helping me. I will be recommending you to anyone interested."
C.L. - Oregon

"You guys are the best. I wish the rest of the car buying process was as pleasant & painless as dealing with you"
T.J. - California

"I didn't buy a FJ yet from you yet. But I just wanted to say how helpful you have been in my ongoing search"
G.T. - California

"Look, lets face it, in today’s world, buying a Land Cruise without seeing it can be a nightmare if something goes wrong. Greg gets an A+++++++++++++, I am pleased to say, “You are the best"
E.A. - Washington

"Greg, YOU ROCK"
L.M. - California

"I was skeptical at first about buying over the internet. But now I know what you mean. First I found the most amazing cruiser through your web site and then you helped me finance it. And that could not have been any easier, faster, or have a better rate. Thank you very much for the great service"
D.K. - California

"I just recommended you guys to a friend who is looking to buy a Land Cruiser and laughed when I went back to an old e-mail you’d sent so I could forward it to him. Your first e-mail to me said, “Our commitment is to provide you with the best loan experience ever.” I’m not one to gush, but my buying experience with you guys was exactly that."
J.L. - California

"Thank you so much! At first I couldn't believe we just sent you the money. Now that we have the FJ40, we are so glad we went with you!!!"
S.R. - Texas

"I had to take the time to tell you, that this is what it must have been what is was like in the old days when a hand shake and you word meant something. Thanks for not selling the Cruiser to someone else for more money. Keep up the good attitude and work ethic. You’re great.""
P.F. - Arizona


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