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1964 Vintage AC 289 Cobra Recreation, Built 40+ years ago. THIS IS NOT A KIT CAR. Instead a one-off handmade recreation in the old British aluminum & fiber molded craftsman & artistry. Hand manufacture in England and imported in the late 70's. Powered by a Ford 289 4.7 L Motor, Ford 4 Speed, disc brakes, adjustable coil springs, independent rear suspension, rack & pinion steering, much more read on... 1964 AC COBRA SHELBY 289 ROADSTER
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Vintage AC 289 Cobra Mk III Recreation
One-of-a-kind late 1960’s 289 AC Cobra European Mk III Recreation.
This cobra was built 40+ years ago when handcrafted race cars were more common. This one-of-a-kind has had many period correct OEM and original parts installed and used in the building from the 60s & 70s. This is a very authentic looking 289 Shelby Cobra, exact body dimensions by making an exact mold from a 427 Cobra.
The molded hand lade fiberglass skin is very heavy, unlike today modern kit cars with paper thin body& tubs. The constriction process is almost exactly like the original Shelby Cobra, carefully hand assembled. However, this special AC was built many years later with more modern advances in frame design & materials for the frame in frame, glass, aluminum monocoque, independent suspension, coil-overs and more.
ONE OF A KIND – Barn Find:
She has that special age and patina only true original cars have. I would call he a well cared for “barn Find”. She has a vintage look that no modern kit car Cobra has and she screams ORIGINAL look to her. However even with the similar look and style, she does not have the bad habits the original had…read on.
This amazing car is NOT A KIT CAR, It is a hand built roadster in the AC factory original method, just as the original was, but there is nothing like it on the road, looks like she is right out of a time warp.
If you love that vintage, original look to you cars you will love her.
There are hundreds & hundreds of man-hours of labor to meticulously build her. And this Cobra is not one of the original "flexible flyer" AC's - This car is custom assembled on a more advanced tubular ladder-frame racing chassis. Set-up with independent front and rear suspension. The result looks identical to the original Shelby AC Cobra since its body was directly modeled off of an original 427 Cobra.
She looks to be a “one off” from England, handmade recreation, built in the late 60’s. As with all Cobra Mark III & VI designed cars, this version has the updated chassis (stiffer, stronger, and lighter).  The frame is a ladder-style modular tube chassis with outer steel Birdcage or Exoskeleton for mounting points of the alloy or fiberglass body. The outer shell is glass, it is reinforced by aluminum at critical and stress points but more importantly the body is directly bonded to the full roll cage frame in a number of points so the fiberglass body, besides being thick hand-laid fiberglass, is bonded together and then bonded & riveted directly by the birdcage & frame. This reinforces the shell rigid and prevents stress cracking while preventing rattles. The car is extremely solidly built. The true Cobras were pieces of the body bonded together on the birdcage body mounts. This is the same craftsmanship used with this custom Cobra.  The actual manufacturer is still unknown! However, the manufacturing and type are true to the 1968-1972 AC Mark III design.
Condition today is overall very good. The body has never been repainted or repaired. Has some small wear accepted with 40+ year old original sports car. This is NOT a 100 pt show car. She still looks amazing for the age. This one looks like it has been raced, been chase by the Law. The paint is very old and looks to be classic lacquer paint. Great Shelby Color: MONZA RED
What adds to its look & feel of being original is the fact that the entire “inner body” is alloy! This is the same technique use in the original AC Shelby Cobra assembly. The entirely inner body is all aluminum. The alloy inner body is called a “monocoque”.  This technique lightens the car while adding a high amount of structural rigidity to the car. 3 Key areas are alloy monocoque: 1) The inner engine compartment is all crafted in alloy panels bent and riveted 2)  the inner cockpit is all alloy, even the doors and original cobra bare alloy doors form the 60’s, AC Alloy Peddles 3)  the rear truck compartment is all 100% alloy, all beautifully crafted from that early era.
The AC Cobra is powered by a 289 4.7 Liter Ford motor, mated to a 6 bolt Ford 4 Speed, The rear end looks like it is from a TVR. This Cobra has the correct 90” wheel base and 57” wide track. The car weight 400 pounds lighter than the original 427 Cobra. She also is upgraded with Rack & Pinion Steering and more advanced front adjustable coil springs & A-arm front suspension. As well as fully independent rear suspension with coil-overs as well.
The resulting car is a Cobra that outperforms the original on the track.. And that was with the factory 260 HP 289 engine. This package makes her a big red Ferrari eater - just like the original AC Cobra! The acceleration on this car is nothing short of "take your breath away" fast and with the more modern chassis & suspension it handles like a slot car.
The interior is all business... Alloy everywhere. Big Kill Switch, original cobra buckets, original era Simpson 4 point racing belts. Real roll bar, All gauges work, had auxiliary electric fan. She runs cool in hot weather with the fan on!  “AC “clutch and brake pedals, All turn signals, driving lights & horn all work!  
Beautiful Black Tonneau cover - tonneau tailored to the cockpit with period correct snap fasteners and a zipper down the middle, still in excellent shape.
I am 6’1” + 210 pounds and I fit comfortably.
She is in great mechanical condition. Starts 1st turn of the key after a couple pumps on the peddle.
Mint Hallibrand Replica alloy wheels mounted with race knock off adapters. Good rubber. Excellent brakes, front discs & rear drums like the original street cars work very well.
Built in the early 70’s, all parts and components are from that era. This is not a modern flashy & cheesy Cobra kit car. She is instead the Ford dealer’s street version (no side oilers). The look is “original, used, a garage find and a driver”. She has some fade to the original “lacquer paint” and some minor wear to the alloy, which only enhances her “authentic vintage race car looks”.
I purchased this old AC Cobra recreation about 20 years ago from an elderly mechanic, who acquired it in England in the early 70’s and imported to the US. He has since passed away. So, I am not 100% sure why she is titled as an AC Ace from 1964. She comes with a clear and open title; she is titled as an AC Ace and has an AC vin number (BEX1183). The good news is the old look to her and the old title and vin number make it EMISSIONS EXEMPT in all 50 States including California!
This vintage race car is simply awesome to drive, add to that the overall beauty of the machine is stunning. It does not look like a shinny Shelby Cobra Kit Car, like everything else out there. She looks very old, plus sounds and handles better than the original.
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